Day by day we live our lives,
With the hope happiness will become a friend,
And as each day slowly unfolds,
There are beginnings and there are ends,
After a long and eventful day,
We look at all that has transpired,
Wondering where the time has gone,
And assessing all the heart requires.
And when at night our eyes finally close,
We see an endless parade of faces,
As all the accompanying emotions,
Get connected with times and places,
The mind begins to finally slow,
Our heartbeats in our ears,
While the days events become trivial,
When alone with all we feel.
Yet somewhere in the vast darkness,
There’s an echo bathed in light,
A dream that beckons with open arms,
Our oasis in the night,
Is this repeating dream torture,
Somehow the product of our pain,
And are the tears that sometimes fall,
The heart’s drought breaking rain.
Through our days so much repeats,
So many things we do each day,
And as we take the time to look,
We’re unable to look away,
Is it possible to never look back,
To ignore the things in the past,
To see that in the act of repeating,
Some things are meant to last.
Each night I try to tell myself,
That I no longer want to feel,
Yet the heart screams through the darkness,
Love’s the one thing in your life that’s real,
Though each night the dream repeats,
It’s the proof that love’s here to stay,
As all the things we repeatedly do,
Are somehow overlooked every day.
In our minds we clearly repeat,
What our routine for the day will be,
And at night when our eyes grow cloudy,
Those repeating dreams are when we see,
As we silently repeat our goals,
There’s a place where heart and mind meet,
And the love you think you may not have,
In the heart it still repeats.

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