Best Very


When you attempt to give your all,
Do you compare your effort to others,
Instead of relying on yourself,
With comparison you’ve just smothered,
Do you take pleasure in who you are,
Or do you strive for another’s dream,
The very best that you can do,
Is silence a nightmare’s scream.
Emotions are looked at as being weak,
Accepting them at times is hard,
And if you look in the mirror,
Is the image broken in shards,
If you can’t be happy with who you are,
Why make the effort to try,
How will you ever achieve a dream,
If you can’t get past the lies.
Life might be a revolving door,
But it only spins when you enter,
And things you find such as love,
Are the best things to have at your center,
What’s it matter if people laugh,
There’s no reason you should pretend,
The mirror’s image will have a smile,
If it’s love that you defend.
The world each day surrounds us,
And we each have our own role,
But sometimes the price of paradise,
Requires a heavy toll,
Sometimes pain is easier,
And pleasure seems not to exist,
Things of importance get muddled,
When it’s love that we resist.
Love is not an exam we take,
It’s not some sort of test,
No matter what things might occur,
Love shows it’s the best,
Love becomes food for the soul,
And it feeds our hopes and dreams,
And when it’s found and held inside,
It either whispers or it screams.
Can you hold love against all odds,
The one thing that you hold dear,
Overcoming enduring pain,
And overcoming fear,
Love is all there is to hold,
It beats strong inside the chest,
And every day you hold it close,
It makes each day the best.

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