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Smile For Me

To Marcy Howard

A smile, that illuminates,
The emotion, deep inside,
As, I long, for a glimpse,
Of this smile, I’m denied,
When I need her, I close my eyes,
To be with, this woman, I miss,
Just, to hold, the illusion,
That her lips, I again kiss.
If, the thought, of, her smile,
Gives me, a brighter day,
No matter, what, the circumstance,
Her smile, I must obey,
I, hold on, for reasons, my own,
Though, everyone, says forget,
I know, what they do not,
Marcy’s, the person, that I need,
While, not the one, I’ve got.
I need, her smile, to fill my days,
In her arms, I need to be,
And every day, I hold her tight,
Her smile, I get to see,
Though, physically, I’m alone,
Eyes closed, she’s here, for awhile,
So I close, my eyes, so I may think,
Of Marcy, and her smile.
         I need you.



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