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Another Sleepless Night

to Marcy Howard

In the world, in which, we live;there, sometimes comes a day,
When those things, for which, you seek;finally, come your way,
Though, with time, the dreams, you have;slowly, seem to fade,
Some things, never, go away;a debt never, to be repaid.
As we look, at those events;that move us, deep inside,
Can we, overlook, the things, that we try, to hide,
While, we total up, our lives;and think, of past events,
Loneliness, can, come to stay, inside, a heart’s descent.
At times, you find, you lost your way;as your heart, reaches, for her,
Wrapped inside, the pain, of loss;love remains, strong and sure,
And the memories, of the past;hold you, in their grasp,
When, you try, to go to sleep;it’s her hand, that you clasp.
Some things die and go away;a reflection, in your mind,
But love, has, no right or wrong;that’s how, this love’s designed,
When love, enters, into your life;let it, be your light,
It, can help you, find, your way, through, another sleepless night.
               Love lives.....forever!!!!



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