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Snow Closer

To Marcy Howard

The weather, can control;your thought and your moods,
And as, the snowflakes start;I slip on, my shoes,
When it snows, I have to walk;and I, just ignore, the cold,
It seems, the weather, helps me some;with these, memories I hold,
It seems, this year, snow abounds;its like, its snowing every day,
Could it be, tied to things;that happened, yesterday,
Sure, I know, its just a thought;yet, I know, its real,
For this snow, is an echo;of the need, that we feel.
Though, I think, of only her;still, I know, she’s mine,
For, I know, she thinks the same;I have her and time,
Time, to watch, the snowflakes fall;time, to touch, her face,
Time, to hold her close;in these needs, I can’t, erase.
And as, I walk, through, the snow;I have, the woman I need,
Even though, its cold and snowing;she, warms me, indeed,
So, I take one step, at a time;and with each step, I’m closer to her,
Even in, this falling snow;my need for her, is sure.
  You are who, I need



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