It Lives

To Marcy Howard

Pain it seems, comes in waves,
A relic of the past,
And as it seems to come and go,
Is forever, how long it lasts,
At some point in every day,
Memories invade my thoughts,
And as the pain visits again,
Its in this pain we’re caught.
The pain involved isn’t physical,
It comes from in the mind,
You see, this heart, I know holds love,
Yet what was found, I can not find,
Though pain sometimes involves a loss,
It might also contain what’s found,
And in the darkness, nightmares call,
Its you, that’s not around.
I know you sacrifice yourself,
Your hopes and things you see,
But in the process of killing dreams,
You also sacrificed me,
We stood together hand in hand,
But by words we were undone,
And through the fog all alone,
You, still are my sun,
The only thing I know for sure,
Its that I truly love you still,
And I know the love seen in your eyes,
Still lives and always will.
      Only you.



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