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To Marcy Howard

When you’re feeling lonely;I’m the shelter that you need,
A thought of me can stop the flow;of the wounds that never bleed,
When you need someone to hold you;I hold you every day,
I hold you though the cold dark nights;I hold the things you say.
If things don’t go as planned;dry those falling tears,
I’ll be your shelter from the storms;I’m the one who always hears,
I’ll shelter you from the past;I’ll be your light throughout the dark,
Holding you through the night;as these memories leave their mark.
Just the whisper of my name;will keep me close to you,
As I’m lost inside your eyes;I stand for all you do,
I will be your umbrella; shelter you from the rain,
I’ll be your shield from loneliness;to take away your pain.
As you chase your hopes and dreams;I walk that path with you,
Sheltering you from the scars;which we both struggle through
Though I may not be perfect;and though I’m just a man,
You are all I want and need;for you each day I stand.
If you seek peace on earth;look up to the stars,
As you see the twinkling lights;remember who WE are,
Remember I’m beside you;you can not push me away,
And if you think of just my name; I’ll shelter you each day.
      Only you!!!



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