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Memories Door

To Marcy Howard

I watched a love pass away,
And I watched another run,
And though the passion still survives,
These days its just for one,
As the memories keep me alive,
The mirror holds my foe,
And as I look at these blue eyes,
I hope the pain won’t show.
It seems the pain becomes a prison,
But in this pain there’s still joy,
Even though at times I think,
This heart was used as if a toy,
By myself I am not whole,
Yet this emotion still holds strong,
And as each day slowly unfolds,
Your memory comes along.
Maybe the short time that I had,
Was more than I deserve,
But when the memories haunt each night,
This love is still preserved,
Love lives inside this tortured heart,
Its the light in these blue eyes,
Even as this pain endures,
And half a soul still tries.
The nights become an endless dream,
And with you is my only peace,
As love lives in every breath,
While hope will never cease,
I’m happy with the time I had,
But each day I need you more,
And every day I’m here alone,
I’ll wait inside love’s door.
        Only you!



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