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Trail to You


I see the vista that lies ahead,
With the trees a sea of green,
As flowers dot the landscape,
To punctuate the spring time scene,
We see the path that lies ahead,
We see we’ve been this way before,
And every step through deja vu,
Just makes me want you more.
In memory we walk hand in hand,
Ignoring all we fear,
And on this trail by water,
What’s in the heart is all we hear,
The water as it moves along,
Seems to have no sound at all,
Lost inside those memories,
That with each step loudly call.
We walk down the trail hand in hand,
Not looking for anything to find,
While love that lives deep inside,
Fills both heart and mind,
Emotion becomes a restless sea,
With each step the crashing waves,
And in a heart that’s still beating,
It’s only love that saves.
The words of a song softly whisper,
Believe in the love you’ve found,
Then the silence that surrounds you,
Has it’s needed sound,
Each step becomes that endless dream,
That survives through each lonely day,
And as I walk with memories,
It’s love that shows the way.
There are no questions needed,
When love lives in the heart,
As each step echoes from the soul,
We walk together never apart,
So as you walk to ease your pain,
You never walk alone,
We travel to that point in time,
Where love was all we’ve known.
The landscape that unfolds before us,
Step by step reveals our pain,
And as the trail winds it’s way,
Love remains through falling rain,
For the remainder of this life,
My trail leads to you,
And through the trail’s ups and downs,
It’s still only love that’s true.

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