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Walking Hearts

To Marcy Howard

Our hearts it seems are fickle things,
And they possess no real voice,
Yet hearts control so many things,
And can leave us with no choice,
A heart can make us walk through fire,
Can make us stand up tall,
Yet can be the very thing,
That make our spirits fall.
The heart at times, can dance with joy,
Or make us dread any real movement,
The heart can make the good seem bad,
Even though its an improvement,
The heart can fuel a strong desire,
Yet be the cause of giving up,
And if the mind has a conscious thought,
A heart can interrupt.
Does the mind control the heart,
Or is it the other way around,
And are the things the heart thinks lost,
The things the mind has found,
At times the two can work together,
Through  anything, become a team,
But it seems the heart’s the driving force,
Behind the silence, behind a scream.
The difficult part is to understand,
The hearts desires might hide from view,
But its the both that helps me see,
Each step I take, for you,
Heart and mind should be a team,
With pain when two hearts are apart,
Both of them fuel my belief in you,
As we both own walking hearts.
.      Only you!



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