Caricamento in corso...

Travel Through


There are places that I go,
When traveling in my mind,
Some are places I’ve already been,
While others I’ll never find,
At times it’s easier to be alone,
Though never alone in the heart,
Even though miles are between us,
In the heart we’re never apart.
In my mirror I see an image,
But is that image me,
Because without you in the picture,
The heart only pretends it’s free,
If you travel somewhere in your mind,
Did you go anywhere at all,
And if you’re lying on the ground,
Does the mind say you didn’t fall.
If physically I’m standing in one spot,
Can I still be in some other place,
And when I stare at my reflection,
Why do I only see your face,
Has inaction become a river,
Currents preventing any movement at all,
Is it fear that controls my life,
Do I stand or will I fall.
In this place do I stand alone,
Though not funny the answer’s no,
You gave to me of yourself,
And what you gave continues to grow,
If a mind can take you to another place,
Can the heart somehow do the same,
Holding on to all we found,
Contained within your name.
As the mind changes the scenery,
Can the heart change the word alone,
Believing in the love and hope,
And the things to me you’ve shown,
If heart and mind work together,
I’m arm in arm with you,
And if someone grants our wishes,
With you those wishes came true.
The heart converses with the mind,
And I’m transported to that place,
To a place not far from here,
Where I get to touch love’s face,
We are born into this life,
To learn all along the way,
And I was lucky to have met you,
Because I still have love today.

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