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From One to Another


On a gray and dismal day,
When there’s little we can do,
My thoughts turn to a buried wife,
And how I fell in love with you,
These daily thoughts bring a smile,
Though I’m amazed that I still feel,
Looking at how things stand right now,
And how love seems made of steel.
To hold a woman in your arms,
Knowing she’s part of your soul,
Is it a once in a life time thing,
Or can you again be cast in that role,
Hopes and dreams live inside,
But what if your love must leave,
The fact you can love another,
Just re-enforces all you believe.
To love another with all your being,
Only to learn that she will die,
Doesn’t mean that love is done,
Because love still lives in the eyes,
On this path full of pleasure and pain,
Confusion can take the stage,
Making it hard to understand,
How to turn love’s page.
The fact a love soon will die,
Can become a bitter pill,
Yet holding new love in the heart,
Can take every ounce of will,
Confusion exerts it’s influence,
As I wonder what is fair,
But answers live somewhere inside,
A part of these falling tears.
Can you wave goodbye to a love,
And reach through all the doubt and fear,
Giving in to what you feel,
And the love your heart can hear,
Tragedy takes love from your life,
But life gives you someone new,
Though my wife left this world,
Love helped me find you.
I surely have my issues,
Being imperfect by design,
But from the moment that we met,
You’ve consumed mt heart and mind,
All alone yet holding love,
Might be a thing that can smother,
But love for me didn’t really die,
It just moved from one to another.

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