Twice A Dream

To Marcy Howard

Long dark hair with sensual lips; a piercing on a cheek,
And as she sleeps I have to stop;to take a little peek,
I watch her with that peaceful smile; and wonder what she dreams,
I hope she’s happy  with her thoughts; that her smile is what it seems,
She rolls over in her sleep;she always sleeps so sound,
I wonder what it is she sees;I wonder what she’s found.
Arms and legs with a tan; and such a shapely ass,
Makes me wonder where she is;on a beach or in the grass,
Sometimes in her sleep she talks; I hope her dreams not bad,
I hope she dances with butterflies; and dreams of good times had,
As I watch I can not touch;I can’t disturb her sleep,
And though I could watch for hours;its her in my dreams I keep.
A heart, awakened by her touch;yet we both deny our need,
Though I see her in my dream;its on memory we now feed,
She whispers softly as she sleeps;my love cone back to me,
But love is something that never left;and our dreams help it, to be,
While I think of watching her; and watch her slowly breathe;
I know at times she dreams of me;so we now hold, twice a dream.
        Only you!!!!



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