Learning to Dance


There’s so much I need to tell you,
Yet so much you already know,
And it’s hard to watch you struggle,
To be pushed away so you can grow,
At times Id like to hold you,
To just grab you and never let go,
But past and present seem to conspire,
To allow only the past to show.
Slowly it seems we learn more and more,
And is it possible that the future’s enough,
Will we find the courage somewhere inside,
Or will whispers make it tough,
Do we attempt to control a thing,
That has a mind of its own,
And will it become much easier,
To keep it a thing unknown.
Its hard to say things you’ve never said,
When they’re things you never wanted to say,
Change becomes a fearful thing,
Because the past won’t go away,
Words might express how we feel,
Yet our actions prove our fear,
Its hard to embrace emotions true,
If no one’s allowed to get near.
To trust emotion and nothing else,
Or let go of things from the past,
As our minds conjure up fears,
Because of memories that we grasp,
Words might exist on paper,
Or might be spoken to empty air,
It doesn’t make them mean anything less,
If we force ourselves to not care.
How can we figure out,
A thing no one can explain,
Does love become the carrot,
That the donkey never attains,
I guess it doesn’t really matter,
It amounts to whats in the heart,
And if we retreat to whats always been,
Can the walls still get ripped apart.
There might be comfort in looking back,
And the present might be littered with tears,
But will the words spoken out loud,
Become the very words we fear,
Years could not change the facts,
And time’s never given it a chance,
Can it be enough to just know what’s there,
Or will the emotion become our dance.



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