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The political parties are growing desperate,
Just look at who they’ve produced,
Is Uncle Sam lying drunk somewhere,
Has Lady Liberty been seduced,
Government seems to grow and grow,
While the people get less and less,
As the parties stand back and seem to laugh,
Yeah, these two are the best.
Do we vote for a psycho,
Or do we vote for the liar,
Does anyone smell the telltale smoke,
Or is common sense on fire,
Clearly the two are not in charge,
And neither has a clue,
So tell us political parties,
Really, who are you.
Hillary shouts of her efforts,
To make all children her cause,
But all those things behind the scene,
Show she only seeks applause,
Donald isn’t any better,
With money the banner he flies,
Yet somewhere in the distant past,
Insanity came alive.
The two would make a perfect pair,
They could stroll together hand in hand,
While the only problem really seen,
Who’ll be the woman and who’s the man,
We only hear about the past,
But what about the here and now,
Did the donkey and the elephant,
Through the years get lost somehow.
Both should really stop and think,
Stop blowing thick black smoke,
It’s not about what you’ve done,
How will you fix all that’s broke,
As we analyze your answers,
Are they another’s or your own,
But we already know that answer,
Your false facade is blown.
The donkeys and the elephants,
In reality should be ashamed,
Frredom is an ideal,
Not a politicians game,
So stop your damn pretending,
Start thinking of the entire land,
The things you’ve done put us here,
Find a realistic plan,
Change needs to be real,
Not a politicians sleight of hand.

October 27th,2016

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