What's Gone Wrong

to Marcy Howard and everyone else

Do, so many, have to die;for someone else’s cause,
As, a soldier, dies today;yet, the government, gets applause,
Men, that give, their lives, for us;to keep, this country free;
And though, my hand, is raised, to them;I wish, Uncle Sam, would see.
Voting’s, become, a fallacy;it’s now.a meaningless joke,
As doctor’s, push the poisons;yet condemn you, for a toke,
Pills, that do, more harm, than good;justice, that’s gone wrong,
And money, is, the very thing;killing, freedom’s song.
Fines, are said, to be punishment;for criminals, and or crimes,
Yet, if you, can’t afford healthcare;now, you’ll get, a fine,
Is there, logic, in stupidity;now you punish, those, who are poor;
After all, those, with money;don’t feel, you’re taking more.
Who is it, that’s accountable;for all, your shady deals,
And don’t blame, the propaganda;that’s on, news coverage reels,
All, we’re given, is negative news;to hide, what’s, really, going on,
As politician’s, stand at the podium;lying, about, what’s wrong.
People, make, this coutry, great;so, stop telling, all your lies,
Start listening, to those, you represent;and stop, making, alibi’s,
You’re, employed, by the people, yet you, push them right along,
As, you, pretend, bewilderment;when, they ask you, What’s gone wrong.



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