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Feelings Of Failure

Wow can I make mistakes that really fuck me over.
I am not looking for another chance but just a recover.
I hope she is alright and if she is that’s all I need to know.
Because of the chances I know I blow.
I see that I have been selfish in ways that are not present.
But I learned these things after a few malcontents.
Is this where it must end because of a bad thought?
I do too many things that end up getting me caught.
I never truly have bad intentions of hurting people.
Yet prone too it while stuck in a steeple.
I ruined everything I ever wanted out of ignorance.
And looking past of true importance.
I have been having a few bad feelings upon my health.
While my wallet full of much less than true wealth.  
Society does not let people do as wished as it is shown.
And controls you with a misdemeanor tone.
I am treated mal conditioned of my environment.
While when I try to say how I feel I get shown up as arrogant.
I lost sight of what I must do yet again.
But then I begin to think… did I ever have it to begin with?
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