I Hate

I hate myself for the pain caused lately.
I never cared about anything but your safety.
Why would I do such a thing to put you in jeopardy?
I should have known better to know that we were not ready.
I hate myself for hurting your parents and mine.
Everything I did was so greatly out of line.
And the only thing I could think about was that pine.
That we sat up against while looking for elk sign.
I hate myself for losing the only thing that made me happy.
I lost her by being selfish and at times snappy.
It kills me to think about my intentions that were so crappy.
I’m sorry if I my voice seem to be a little scratchy.
I hate myself for pushing for us to go.
I hate myself for not wanting to take it slow.
I hate myself for not trying to lay a little bit low.
I hate myself  for not letting our love grow.


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