Shared Enamour

Inspired from poetic works by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

One’s love possess,
in truth’s fairness blessed upon such beauties face;
aglow on promised dream and then,
heart’s mercy known and given so;
trust’s pact sustains,
sweet bond of passion’s taste and loving sensed;
as life between exists,
this feeling moment’s will lives on.
My lips wet,
my heart so swollen, silences the murmur of my words to you;
in thought’s surpass,
heart’s needs bring solemn depths to passionate aches;
while on these loving tears I seek,
your living smile and love unwept;
graciousness of my quest eland elates,
this yearn of joy, and bind of soul soothe plays.
Upon your life,
passion glows and beauty pure displays love’s essence;
that light emits its precious bless,
lusciousness surrounds your glimmer;
filled full of compassionate breath, I am,
yet my soul is calmed and my mindset sleeps;
beheld, I give my gaze to your heart’s iris blazed;
seduction’s mists, remind love’s caution blindly.
Ah, love’s bliss,
from your beauty’s glow the morning’s bright does sheen;
what secret though, an inner deep,
so shrouds your grace filled figure;
oh, my words do chime,
these passions versed of all life’s memories charmed,
through midnights depth I yet dream,
in this quiet I quest, for your love’s envisioned mirror;
and I search these night’s suppressed,
for your glimpse, through these tears of shared enamour;
struggling thrillingly, with my soul’s compassion wept,
against these separations, from your passionate love and honour.
Michael Darrell Walker


for my love...
Collette P. Carr

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