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Imagine, a darkness
nothing; nothingness, naught…
Can you not imagine nothing?
Something must be in here with me?
Everything must be in here around me?
Blindness; this must be that, but no
blindness is not this, “that” darkness
around and around and around
I turn around in this nothingness
nothingness all around me; and
still IAM within me… answering my own questions
known only to me, alone… questions abound and I
begin to see into me…
nothing ugly, nothing bland; nothing
known, only me…
questioning’ answer resounds
in this darkness…
all answered in that soundless
echo; or could this be…
questioning me if I can see
any further within me?
Answers giving thanks be to me
but; wait just a moment…
Question: if all is nothingness
within here; how then am I me?
Answer: IAM me because IAM
nothingness or naught, I ought to be able to see me!
Really! This absolute dark is really not so; un-light?
Not! The UN-LIGHT image is nothing; can nothing
be everything?
If nothing can be everything then something
is the fuck in here with me!
Blindness to the blind, is it not nothing?
Blindness to the blind, is not “this”, “that” darkness
in this present hour; after reading to this word
do you feel blinded? Are you in this darkness
living as the blind to “this” and “that” darkness
all around you?
Let me be specific and dismiss all of the Generals
of all of the nations… Oh yes, IAM can do this!
Now that the generals have removed themselves
from our thoughts; allow me this!
With all of the generals gone, whom do all
The politicians go to, to tell to do all of
Their ill-conceived and wretchedly sick and
Wicked thoughts and plans of killing more of
This is a very concise question, yes? And certainly
clarifying the towards the next question which is in
line behind the first question which came to my
mind as I began the mulling of the last
question of three!
Funny now; how a “Jin” allows three wishes, and I
ask you each to answer these three questions in
your own limited and finite minds…
Yes, you all are finite creations!
The second question poised and now
IAM posed to answer it for you all…
Question number two; the generals are
flying away and the politicians are hanging themselves
with their ties and scarfs and whatever else
is wrapped around their bodies to display
their positions as politicians… Really! Truly!
Are not all politicians simply peacocks?
When have you encountered a politician who
in all mannerisms, did not remind you of some
kind of other being than a human being?
Maybe Gandhi? Or Eisenhower? Do you
have any politicians in your lands who
could stand with these two souls in
the time of their duty to all of humanity?
So, whom do you look too to be your
champions in this play of fiddles?
IAM clearly hears all of you down
there playing with your fiddles!
Do you agree that this is most
highly probable? Try, just try saying no!
each one of you human beasts have a personal belief
which is your last fig leaf of your hide to hide behind
when all hell breaks loose around you!!!
And who do
Each and every
one of you call out to
each day to save your shawarma’!
Don’t be shy or dumb donkeys about all
this or mules or dodo’ or Tasmanian Devils
or all of the tens of thousands of species that
God placed on this planet with you… That you
idiots and your ways; foot printed into extinction!
So, to answer question number two…
The politicians have no more generals, they know from
Experience about their next in line colonels and IAM
Again; politicians without generals are what then?
And you? You allow the naked cowards to tell you what to do?
If so then you are just, “too stupid to be allowed to continue
lifeor living on this planet! So, give a double two arms salute
with two fingered toads flying high and proud to
While they are fleeing to the safety of all of the money they
stole from you and your populations!
It is irrelevant where these small membered men and short
Minded women are fleeing too… IAM got that!
Now on to question number three…
Simply asked and answered, by the count of
ONE, TWO, THREE… not the song, but a
Simple count! I’ll ask the question
Now: Are you with me; Or, against me?
Do not dwell upon this truth at all; your
brains are just too easy to squeeze out of your
eyes, ears, and noses; supposing?
Do not hesitate any more… Fore IAM


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