Caricamento in corso...


for attack
tact due center
released from that void
into this world I enter
returning unto those beings
who rejected my tenure
reward for the soon to be,
realignment of all reality; tensons
build towards that thrill, of an eternal
chill in the depths of “space” Yes, it comes
a promised doom as disgrace replaces living’ boon
Imagine the anguish that churns a soul, the
lack of Earth’s sweet breathable air; boiling
blood and dissolving bones, no one is to be
spared... Time is come; that debt owed is
due each House that turned away from me
guess what! Each life within will be as mutton to Scouse!
Beyond your dreams this Jacob’ Sheep concoction
sweet, simmers upon the fires of all eternity My
blessing upon you all once bestowed are now
withdrawn; just you all wait and see your
present tense, becomes that fire engulfed
flesh flambe’ as bananas to a honeyed glaze
to soul the flesh will be flayed; In spades my
parade will rain down Heaven’ rath upon your homes!
A thousand years of night’s demene, ten
thousand tears each sleep claimed, a trillion
times those will be Earth’s bane and what
will be allowed to remain? Just dust in
which an essence stilled was once a
universal paradise filled with children
of a Highest thought, who left the fold
that was Heaven wrought, and forgot
completely from whence they came
Sadness smears an multitarian trued
beloved once of and cherished by
an awesome, thoughtful “DAD”
so very sad that now you all
must completely die...
So you will remember
that place, that time
that we thought...
From when and
of where the
each one of
you came.


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