What the Mousai had in Mind

(This Mad Hatters Bias)

space in parts
matters, frequencies
darkness, time and so many
questions to be answered; awareness
raised that this awe seen phase is simply
youthful and exuberant, yet unfounded
speculations of simplicity and irrelevant
audacity and implicit bombastic and
unrealistically imagined relativity…
Beyond what there is to be seen
is more of what is beyond what could
be viewed or so it seems in one theory’s
dirge of everything in exist and in exist is
theory dissed, or thumbed, or nosed, or
supposed as supposition to presumption to
assumption in conjunction to exaggeration; one
presumes to assume in conjunction with this
exaggeration a staggering swarm of perhaps and
what if’, a swaggering storm of mathematical qualms
and particle ‘norms’ so notably found to be as not
to be in some form or way or recently prescribed
‘newer’ application which changes the direction
and the inflection and projection of the beyond
that is now viewed… as one moves further away
from the view which once was the ‘norm’ and away
from the smug and warmth and contrived and arrived
at conform to what is unknown, unseen, unproven, in
need of further computation not by man but by machine
which is fallible as it is programmed by man; and to prove
beyond that shadow now viewed beyond what is now viewed
that what exists is now ‘new’ and not some thing close enough
to this particle of this theory or not and therefore subject to
further mathematical queries and heretofore are supposed
to be null and void as to the content and the intent and the
pretense that the math is ‘sound’ and the thoughts to such
things is grounded in the assumptions that the previously
ascribed theory which lead to the presumption of this
‘new’ query is far and away more founded in a
Quantum theory’s query weary of such mindless
swaggering, staggered and preposterous suggestive
inquiry that the forward thinking theories previously
theorized are each completely without a doubt in
theory; just thoughts that should be neatly tossed
into the circular file! Speculative mathematics
quantum theory abstracts, Banach–Tarski paradox
A.I. unleashed and unabashed and reality as we
understand it quashed, all the rush to prove one
thoughts nosh is simply more palatable than an
underlings comprehension of a suggestive and
theorized understanding of the very nature of
a universal, grandstanding that even the highest
thinking minds on earth have not an idea towards
or consciousness of what is beyond what we think to
understand and comprehend in theory pieced together
from particles of theory which we so recently placed as
worn and weary lacking the speculative substance to perhaps
prove that Einstein was incorrect! Pi supposed, the stars implode
so what the entire universe is expanding, demanding, meandering
redesigning in simply some majestic mechanically interesting ways
which may or may not have constructive implications to the things
which are pertinent to the continuation of the waves of thoughts
chasing for an elusive fabrication of an equation to be utilized
for one persuasive argument or two which may translate
to an inclination which will benefit neither this world or
individual nation but be the bastion of the coming
situation leading to the suffering of all the
citizens of this earth! Inanimate, the term so
inflates the consciousness and therefore relates
to a conscience designate of worth in self, in fellowship
in humane endeavor, and in the thought of what is forever
thought to be beyond; whatever, for never is and clever as is
one’s figurative mathematical inflection the suggestion that in
this last moment the correct assumption is of substance and that
the supposition or compunction of what is thought to be the
correct position in the situations once computed mute the obvious
to the obliviousness of the revelations expressed as truly elevating
the status of consciousness, of comprehension, or completion of a
suggestive creative in discretionary reasoning that the equation
and its creators truly do assess and assert that the assumptions
supposedly are of one’s common sense or presumably nonsense
and heretofore an injustice to the amusing context as alluded to in
this tense and yet entertaining work of words… a prose that surely
splatters all who peruse with mindlessness and miff that no more
matters to the minds that so do slather as in slather all with the
lather of a bard who is the maddest hatter and in end the truth
that is pertinent and so does flatter flows from history and
poetry’s muse, and the now so mentioned, “Urania’s Mirror”
made ever so more clear by the following finishing note to
all… in relation to these poetic arts, from
Bacchylides Fragment 5…
"You if any mortal now alive will rightly assess the sweet
gift [poetry] of the violet-crowned Mousai sent for your
adornment: rest your righteous mind in ease from its
cares and come! turn your thoughts this way…” Hurray!


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