Medusa’s Corona

Devouring Crown

           Devouring Crown
A royal corona common men in awe
Yet a ruby crown disquietingly in disguise
Like the reddish aura necklace of an eclipsed sun
At times eject disturbing hellish corona flares towards earth
Floating in the space over earth
Hovering like Medusa’s head
Dragons winged medusas stirring ether land
Beyond to a dawning millennium civilization
That in the apocalypse of the setting sun
Merlin waved his wand spell casting everyone
Festival of fire and crosses the horned and angels begins
Clouds of witches back brew smoke burning the clearing
Holy and the unholy frolicking as the naked moon rising
Ominous deep purple shadows cast on paradise Earth
All saints eve trumpeted by the howling black winds
All across the seven seas winged Medusa’s vicious venomous snakes
Metamorphosized to invisible novel crown viruses
Paradise planet Earth stood still lockdown
Photo: Creative Commons
Video: Sadhguru Coronavirus
8+ minutes

Staying under, out of Meduss’s radar.
Poem excerpt from my “At .The Doors Await” with added ending lines.

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