Camembert Cheese

Art Work: The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

Camembert Cheese

Our body is like a car battery. As we grow older we lose some power here and there. We feel sad. Some mistakes are still there occupying our minds. Somehow we didn’t accept. We feel a need for a restorative energy, a stroking care.

As we reflect we remain ambivalent. We find ourselves crying and laughing. Yet always we find joy in laughing at ourselves. We felt crazy. Talking to ourselves we felt better. Energized. A jump start recharge we unconsciously gave to our body.

Laughing at ourselves is one of life’s greatest gift. An amazing instance of acceptance without us knowing. Clearly an illustration of the good unknown cuddling us up. It clears the way for other life’s greatest gifts:

the graces of virtues.

But nobody is perfect, a trite. We are all flawed in varying degrees. And this mysteriously somehow is what makes life a beautiful precious gift. The nuances we learned along the way of getting older are things that made the fabric of a happy life, mostly things we did not know but experienced in our daily contact with the convergence of social realities through time,  in the corner streets of some local variety stores during our youth, for instance, family gatherings, work environments, holiday celebrations, brotherhood fellowships, vacations– where oftentimes screams of laughters come out heard far and beyond.
Such contagious happy feelings shared with hugs and flying kisses and spirit cheers.

When things get tough we draw on our capacity to laugh at ourselves. We survive like we always did when we were kids laughing, scuffing the dirt from our shoulders as we get up from a fight with the school bully or eating your favorite veggie at dinner and everyone was looking at you.

Things are quite different today.

The world had a good time,
a decent year 2019. Usual attention shock rhetorics yet the year slipped out unremarkable except for the yearly fireworks.
Nothing unusual was expected
of the coming year 2020, more politics maybe because of the elections.

Routine mirror image year as we looked at our 2020 calendar planner.

Suddenly out of the deepest blue
we sheltered in, argued about wearing masks. We are in a lockdown mandate. We remain scared and rightfully so with all kinds of anxieties as we roamed around a million times in our bubble.
We long for the comfort of our mother’s womb. We want to return to the safety of the world we knew even if only in dreams, a Salvador Dali’s camembert.


Photo: Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory

Reflections inspired by Olga Gavrilovskiy’s comment on my poem “Life Goes On” and by Salvador Dali.

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