Until We Meet Again

Somewhere over the rainbow / Skies are blue / And the dreams that you dare to dream / Really do come true.
...Yip Harburg & Harold Arlen

Until We Meet Again
           Beyond the Rainbow
We believe.
We have faith.
We pray.
We intercede.
We pray for others.
We nourish our faith.
We sustain our belief.
We sigh for relief.
We pray for the healing of ones we love.
We grieve over our lost loved ones.
We are heard.
We believed.
We respond.
We feel better.
We heal in body.
We heal in spirit.
We continue to pray.
We continue to heal.
We pick up the pieces.
We celebrate.
We celebrate the sunrises of our life at all times.
We celebrate the sunsets as well just like the old times.
We are thankful for all this O’ Lord.
We ponder a long road ahead.
We walk uphill and walk down hill.
We come to the bridge.
We continue walking.
We accept with faith the pain.
We go we cross in peace.
We take flight over the rainbow.
We glide with the birds happy songs... into the blue sky.
We see you our dear ones.
We meet again we cry.
We dance the dance of life we knew.
We rekindle  our affections.
We’re home.
We are blessed as always.
We are free from pain beyond the rainbow paradise we are in.
We are blessed as well here healed and healing on paradise Earth.
We embrace this humbly.
We are soulfully ever grateful.
We are joyous embracing life once more.
We remain grateful always
  we are faithful to you.
O’Lord Our Savior Jesus the Son of God, Amen.
Photo: ndr Sedona AZ
Video: Eva Cassidy @ Blues Alley, Georgetown, DC.  5 1/2 minutes

Prayers are heard. We heal and continue to heal. The sun is always there. The day always rises. And the blue sky is upon us.
And...we enjoy our coffee and our favorite pastry.

Poem an homage to a Fraternity Brother (Tau Alpha) I never knew but felt his passing was a sad loss to an extended family brotherhood.
Rest In Peace, Omar’51.

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