Waiting To Be Seated

       Waiting To Be Seated
The cat shows up instantly from nowhere
As her food makes a sound with the bowl
Instantly likewise it puts a smile on your face
Seeing her happy your lap surely her next stop
You languish long for something as she starts
Purring and kneading face rubbing loving you
You begin to pine even more things hover over
Eyes close remembrances of the good times flash
The late fall walks on the beach the broken seashells
The shore winds gently piling up the sands in dunes
Fixing some broken dreams as your thoughts drift
Back to youthful innocence the seedy street times
You rock the chair ever slowly now as the cat gets
Heavy on your lap stops purring tail curled around
You reached back some more in the past years of life
Like looking at your toes straight out of a sand mound
Unlike iceberg though the memories come back unfrozen
The easy Sunday drive around town breakfast at local diner
Not scrambled but sunny side up uh make it over easy instead
Not the lady you always see but the same smile as always
Toasts on the burnt side please charmingly she smiled back
As coffee is poured steaming she slid the creamer sugar tray
Things you thought by nature happen absolutely the right way
Like deciding to go to gym or to diner’s flirting with burnt toasts
The shadows stretching long on the floor caught your eyes
You look out a sockeye salmon sun is setting in the horizon
A faint sound of frog croak from the creek awakens the cat
Walks to the door looks back it’s twilight please I want out
In your sliding trousers back to the rocking chair took the mug
Lukewarm sipped the coffee... reflect reach back in time
Deeper now you felt the memories like blood sustaining you
The good times the bad... things done well things went astray
Memories deep in the caverns of your mind waiting to be seated
As you rock the chair when you journey into a parallel world beyond life
Take to share with the loved ones there ahead of you in laughters and tears
Christmas thin pancakes birthdays beaches photographs holidays
Now darkness swallows the shadows at dusk distant sound
You hear of chirping crickets tender longing songs they seem
Not unlike the cat at the door meowing softly to get back in
Face rub and reach up wanted to be seated with you as well
* * *
(C)NDR 4.18.2018
Photo: ndr NC beach

Remembrances not unlike yours.

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