Crossing the Rubicon

... day in the life at dmv...

Crossing the Rubicon
                ...a day in the life at dmv...
Out the car
One hand java
Paperwork other
No appointment
Stepped into the
Hours long alinement
Masked and distanced
Make a confession
At the tent a nuisance
Update info
Inside load
In computer section
Get confirmed
Make more confession
Done with the cipher
Computer tracker
Get a number
And said further
Go outside wait there
All seats taken
In the dungeon
The Gordon
Will text you back in
For more revelation
Your day’s destiny clearly
Having crossed the Rubicon
The ides of March willfully
Cast the chambers of hell clones
Of Dantes in tartarus... waiting...
Rubbing their itchy hairy hands
  ears twitching pointed... grinning
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Out the house 9 am, back home 4pm.
Told for eye doctor to fill out required vision exam forms and...

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