eventide with Nyx

                    eventide with Nyx
the sun is setting serenely listen to the small songbirds soothing lullaby
roosting finding comfort under the shrubbery purplish shade
as the twilight flowers once again open their enchanting colorful petals
brimming with fragrance and joy greeting the rising silver moon
end of day calming  we settle down find peace and quiet
close our eyes from all the noise of the day dull the edge soak up the quietude
lean our head down gently on our palms... silently center our core look inside our being
hearken to the  soft whispering of our heart a beckoning lullaby to solitude
the moonflowers and the little songbirds continue to enchant
softly singing under the lucent captivating moon glow the shrubs let in
under the same radiance ourselves alone in deep meditation we find comfort peace
in hopes that we will meet up again with Nyx at eventide
find solace once more under the night sky tapestry
adorned with hues of calmative night flowers
and the euphonic calls of the songbirds
Photo: Farmers Almanac

Poem inspired by eventide hymn “Abide With Me” posting of Brod Joboy Aliling, Tau Alpha Fraternity Brod.

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