Fields of Dreams

I Believe You

Fields Of Dreams
           I Believe You
She smiled and she winked and said
You are mine my love forever
I believe her
She told me with a sweet smile
You will adore me your love forever more
I believe yes
She held my hand braided our fingers when she said
I am your flower your red rose not anyone else to share
Our hands tightened
Stroll we float joyous on the gold dust wisps from the sunflower field
We begin to fly arms winged we drift ever so lightly into thin air
Into the clouds we swing layers of silvery tiny dots appear in the sky
As if blown by jinn angels filtered into pastel rainbows across everywhere
Higher we ascend into the canopy of the mystic universe and yonder
Colorful birds exotic butterflies wingless earth creatures trailing along
Like shooting stars baroque dancing green purple pirouettes in aurora lights
Frosty air we breathe fresh invigorating the sweetness of an infant’s breath
Reborn we felt we grasped hands again
I smiled and I winked and I said
You are mine my love forever
I believe you she said
With a sweet smile I told her
I adore you forever more my love
She said I believe yes
Like a pair of braided red roses entwined we gently float down
Lie on the twilight kissed sunflower golden fields of dreams
Evermore in love... unchanged for each other ever
                                * * *
Photo: ndr Hudson, Ohio 2017 Spring

Love it is. Love is all we need.

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