Table For Two

Covid Times

Table For two
           Covid Times
Once upon a time there was a       lovely sweet place
In a twilight elegant old rose ambience a corner auld
In a subdued lit dining room quiet from the crowd
Flame in a satin globe glass herbal lavender grace
Scent that stays in the aura of the table for two dinner
Seats pulled out we sat not a single tiny speck
On the oyster white table cloth pot coffee served steaming
We smiled and left alone in privacy again we were smiling
A word not said stirred sugar in the coffee just perfect
Folded down the menu thumbs up yes our Saturday special dinner
As usual
Now only a distant happy sweet moment to relish
The smiles are there but unlike the cozy table footsie now we sit apart
A distance safe kind meal time a night dinner cart
Of left over from the days past not anything a fresh dish
How we wait in our bubble refuge all ears for a Saturday special delivered dinner
Not usual
G. Coronado

Covid love: wash-mask-distance-smile

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