Garden of Eden

The Exodus
          Garden of Eden
The sun slowly kindling a dazzling splendor
Resplendent symphonic dawn a majestic
Iridescent auroral mirage a magical horizon
Blanketing the pacific coastal east
As the cosmic winds radiate
Wave a warm mellow breeze
On the sand dunes now a pastel
Old rose a rustic medieval yarn of earth
A peaceful beautiful dawn of day
Not any hint any betrayal otherwise
A routine ritual of nature songbirds
Preening frisking cooing playfully
Plenty sunlight ahead hop and frolic
Plentiful sunlight a beautiful glimpse of day
Across the land the sunrising of joy spreads unto a garden paradise
Across the valleys rivers and steppes yonder
Rugged terrain rivers bridges boulders to cross
Day long and night a downpour a rain of tears and pain
Sore blistered soles empty stomachs asphalt bed unto anxiety
From indignities inhumanity fear the ripping apart of souls
On a life’s journey not a ray of sunlight nowhere the joy
No refreshing dawn of day let alone golden
As the exodus of the underclass humanity the downtrodden
Endures with nothing but hope and faith a dream
To one day be where the magical dawn kindles into a rising golden sun
Where freedom resides faces are warm mellow and rustic
A dream exodus where love loves humanity loves love
A cornucopia of compassion in the land of abundance the garden of eden
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Love, hopes and dreams and castles in the air, breathing life with faith with a smile and acceptance. With raw courage. Love loves Love.

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Robert L. Martin
over 2 years


Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
over 2 years

Thanks Robert. Glad you like.


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