Infinity Walk

A Cherished Friendship

Infinity Walk
             A Cherished Friendship
Nineteen thirty two it all started with one step and
A gathering of a few brave men
Bright eyed young blood visionaries
Straight out from diverse backgrounds
From their mother hen so to speak come together to talk
And a friendship was born eighty eight years ago
Not unlike any other group only this one was strong
With deep feelings of togetherness right from the get go
A brotherhood of men bound by honor a love for each other
Indeed from Padre Faura to Diliman to Los Banos
A walk taken together like a pilgrimage focused ahead
To high ideals of civility and respect
To a noble cause of bonding
In turn gives them the gift of self esteem
A heightened feeling of self respect
Like blood brothers in search
Of the truth the holy grail of faith
That defines humankind his soul
His very credence for existence
The seed of this faith unsurprisingly sprouted in Los Banos
And found a renewed flowering back in Diliman in the heart of our idyllic youthful innocence
The brotherhood that shaped molded our maturity
The camaraderie every step
Of the way seeking the Golden Fleece from our corner Argo
Treading tirelessly the academy
To becoming whole to be a man
Of integrity of honor of dignity
Taking to heart the beliefs of our Argonaut founders against all adversaries
With courage determination and strength and hope
Looking straight beyond  the  ground we now break
Taking another historic step the immortal Olympus way
The walk taken four scores and eight years ago
Into the infinite ever a cerulean  sky
Ever the Sun keeps bright
The eternal flame of the Tau Alpha brotherhood
The friendship that started it all
Now takes us to stroll the Infinity Walk
Where complete love and joyfulness
The camaraderie we know all along awaits us
Photo: ndr screenshot from TA Legacy Project January 2020

University of the Philippines Diliman Campus Tau Alpha Legacy Project 2020

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