And the robin flew
              Out the nest__beaks open trust
Flew back__worms in beak
And the robin flew out the nest
Over under the canopies
Sight flooding ground searching bugs trees
Eyes shut hatched beaks wide open trust
Across the field into meadow
Kept constant ear of compass glow
Worm wiggled bill thrush reddish breast
Warmth and love secure not to lose
Glide pasture to nest, nay footloose.
Hungry chirps cry chorus request
Euphoric tweets snug shelter trills
Nest bounce, nestlings open wide bills.
Neath bosom purring kitten’s rest
Cozy, parents shadow sun rays__
Turtle doves duet morn worm days.
©NDR 8.5.2016

And so it goes...not a day's rest...nestlings to fledglings and beyond.
Poem to parents and the love and care they give to their nestlings.
Thank you Mom and Dad!

My very first Constanza! With a haiku intro. Thanks for the lead Jenifer.

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