Royal Flush

stay the course

Royal Flush
stay the course
anyone gets a Royal flush
let alone spade
from a five card stud
you are brought in
and you bet
you play the rounds
the streets of life
the streets so called
there for you
the face up cards
routes to navigate
with what’s given you
the hole card
equally you’ve given it
the trust and hope
folding not an option
from the realities
the up cards show
life has always been
a carousel up and down
it goes round around
thought it over
you stay the course
royal flush maybe there
looking forward you signal call
felt good you up the bet
the hole card instilled in you
hope innate from your mother
guided you loved you’ve lived
same suited royals and a ten
joined your ace in the hole
a rare aligning of the stars
suddenly calls for hands scooping
a singular event indeed
sometimes there
when you stay the course
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Steadfast. Remain strong to the end of a fight, of a race like a supreme Paladin steed.
Keep our mind, body, and spirit existing in harmony, unblocked for the energy of the sun, the life purveyor, to enter.

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