“I saw Satan laughing with delight; The day the music died”...American Pie/Don McLean

The Season of Joy
We thought we knew
What life is all about
What love is all about
What hope is all about
What faith is all about
Times we were tempted
Picking his nose laughing
The devil himself
Indulged us
We undressed
We dove deep
Than we can hold
Our breath in
We surfaced gasping for air
We thought we were ready
For everything life had to offer
For everything the devil had to offer
We felt strong
There were no tomorrows
We were immortal
At times immoral
We held hands with Satan
Satan again laughed
In hell we were
Mocking spreading before us
The macabre landscape
Idealistic always right
Alone against the world
We always were
We extended our welcome
In spring into summer into fall
Ignored the dark cloud hovering
Laden with the devil’s gift
Of suffering torment pain
Lingered into the winter
Basement of our life
We shed the cape of pretenses
The wisdom of not knowing
Upon us we long for the coming
Of the spring pink moon
Found ourselves wondering
Why all the leaves had fallen
Why suddenly there were
Naked trees all over the land
Loneliness anxiety loss anger
White barren landscape
Devoid of the colors the sounds
Of the Season of Joy
The crows mourning cries
Punctuate the sky even more
Found ourselves howling
Like the wolves penetrating
Cry longing for connection
Warmth under the lonely
Cold moon of December
Hoping to bring us together
Once more
Get us through the dismal
Gloomy miserable winter
Of 2020 encampment detachment
Be done gone with all of Dante’s inferno
The miseries and trials once and for all
Never ever abandon hope at the gate
With faith and love we will celebrate
The Season of Joy as always we do
Dance sing spread happiness to one and all
Photo: Wikipedia/P Bruegel the Elder “The Wedding Dance”
Video: Jive Bunny Compilation In the Mood, 13:38 minutes

Unmasked we all will be together hugging again.

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Charlotte B. Williams
6 months

This truly is a season of joy, no matter what else is happening around us or to us.

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
6 months

Amen. Glad you to see you, Charlotte.
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
2021 got to be a better year.

6 months

On a clear night a babe was born. And he wiped out the gloom and misery that cloaked the land. Yes it’s a season of joy.


Robert L. Martin
6 months

I love happy endings

Nelson D Reyes
Nelson D Reyes
6 months

Thank you Robert .

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