rebirths deep in space far far away eons beyond the star wars...eons across trillions of light years in haiku + 77

time capsule
reckoned eons span
seasons history births deaths
stars rise set rise set again
the galaxy clusters do
galaxies track in deep space
to unknown from the unknown
as the universes race
back into the primal womb
stars in gestation
immerse in space placenta
life ablaze broke out
a new reckoning
a new set of life clusters
beyond time capsule
encompassing all beings
along limitless voyage
eons far beyond lightyears
into the light genesis
Photo: ESA/Hubble-Hidden Gslaxy

Musing the last days of 2020 in the galaxy Milky Way.

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Nelson D Reyes
5 months

And to you A Happy New Year.
Yes it’s looking to be a promising new year.
Glad you like thank.
Btw, I got the newspaper
“Belt and Beyond”.
Our true desires deep down in our hearts is sharing, how true. Love it.

Robert L. Martin
5 months

That's neat. A spatial Happy New Year. Same to you, my friend.

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