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A Warning And A Question

you talk of being addicted to the thought of me,
that is a dangerous place
you walk on the precipice
soon you will not care and make a leap
across the canyon
towards me
that leap of faith
you will be falling
so fast that at times
your heart will forget to beat
you will feel like you’re dying without me
that is when you’ll grow wings
those wings that love gives us
at that time of falling
those wings will take you so high up
into the stratosphere
your breath will be far behind you
and your chest will feel like exploding
with that all encompassing feeling
you will feel a kaleidoscope of emotions
you will question your sanity
you will question everything
but me
I will be the unchanging constant
in your mind’s eye.
I am the beacon
I am the magnet
you’re invariably drawn to...
I am standing on the other side of that canyon
singing to you
watching you walk the precipice
court the unknown depths of that cliff
I am a siren
a few have been lured by my voice
to drown joyously in my eyes
only to be thrown back onto the rocky shore
will you survive?
will you learn how to swim in those eyes?
they were told to be powerful, those eyes
too much power...
are you strong enough to withstand the whirlpools?
are you strong enough to hold on?
are you strong enough to remember your name
while looking into my eyes?
Do you see it coming?
Do you see yourself falling in love?
Are you eager to drown in those emotions?
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2015

love, question, siren warning,

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