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Siren Call

In the palm of the storm
Concealed is a precious pearl.
In the eye of the storm
Is revealed a luminous teardrop.
In the palm of the storm
Is delivered this exquisite gem
Into the hands of a free diver
Who’s searched the sea bottom his whole life
For a fire such as this,
Searing blue,
Laced with flames of ultramarine.
A priceless gift from a siren
Who’s beckoned him
Deeper and deeper with every dive,
Who’s song he’s heard over the rush of waves
As he drifted to sleep every night...
This is his final reward
For a lifetime of dreaming, hoping and searching.
To collect it
He must depart the safety of shore,
Take his boat into the heart of her tempest.
She will greet him there,
Envelop his sun weathered body once more
In his beloved waves,
Take him to depths unknown...
Where his eyes will behold
Blue fire of hers,
Eager hands clutching her hands,
And the pearl, to his chest,
Fervent lips tasting the salt of her lips...
He will forget the need to breathe air,
And his feet will never
Have to return to shore.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2014

Siren, love,

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