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What it means to wait for a friend

By the eternal dance
Of orange flames,
The fire I built
In the night
Your coming.
I sit
Resting chin on my knees,
Eyes aglow,
In my mind
To the endless dialog
We would have
When you come.
Waves, rushing ashore
To lap the sand,
Soothing my restless soul,
Assuring me again and again
You will be here soon,
You are on your way.
I wait
As the stars revolve above
In their celestial waltz
And the moon makes her nightly journey
Across the inky blue sky.
I can’t help it,
I start recording
Words that dance through my head
With stick for a stylus,
Runes drawn in sand.
The waves will take them
To sea in the morning.
You were supposed to come
Away from cares of the day
To quietly listen together
To mysterious whispers of waves.
Side by side
To stare out into all consuming
Darkness of the ocean at night,
Our skin reflecting fire’s warmth and light.
Together we were supposed to watch
Dragons rise from the water.
Alone, in awe
I watched them appear
Spread their marvelous wings
And take to the skies.
Bonfire is burned to ashes,
Only glowing ambers
Are left of the dancing flames.
You never came,
Probably got held up by something...
I will be back tomorrow,
And build the fire again.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

The Dragons in this story represent all the magic and mystical dreams we conjure up in this secret world shared by our minds.

dragons, dreams, friendship moon, night, ocean, sand, stars, vigil, waiting, waves,

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