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It seems childish for a grown woman to talk of unicorns. But I do believe these awesome and otherworldly creatures walk among us in one form or another.

A star that fell
(A speck of light that heavens
didn’t care to hold on to any longer)
Rejected fury,
Unnoticed in her flight
She wasn’t stopped
By some three wishes
Of some vigilful heart.
She hit the ground,
She stayed on Earth,
A pitiful planet
That didn’t deserve the presence
Of such stupendous wonder,
Such horrible beauty
...a beauty
That nobody wants.
Like a snow blizzard  
In middle of May.
Needing nobody,
By nobody needed,
Affected by no feelings
Having none,
She walks through centuries
As if through smoke,
Breathing in the molecules of time.
Her mane, her coat
Warm to the touch as sunshine,
As noon sun rays burn the eyes.
A moonstone in place of her heart,
Her eyes as a mirror of clear water
Are the reflection of a human soul
That looks questioningly into them.
Horrified by what they see,
They run far and away,
They wish to never be.
Their heart torn by what they see,
They die.
For only a mind as clear
As cold morning dew,
Only a heart as pure
As early morning dew,
Only the innocence of a maiden’s soul
Can face the eternal wisdom,
The black moons of her pupils.
And three fourths of a millionth of a second
Turn into decades
Of deepest dreams,
Blissful forgetfulness.
Deep in the woods,
By a murmuring creek,
High on the rocks by the roaring sea
Priestess of innocence,
She keeps them.
She guards them from harm
That the beasts called men
Seek to inflict on them.
Remembering all the broken promises,
All the broken hearts,
Rejected love,
Naked trust,
Vulnerability of  breath,
Preciousness of touch,
For granted
Tears (that nobody wiped away)
Under the night sky,
Tears that reflected her light
Back, when she was a star.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

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