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What's In A Smile

To a dear friend

I have devised a thousand smiles
To speak in place of words,
But there is a special smile of quiet joy
I have, that’s only meant for you...
I’ll save it for the day of our meeting.
You’ll spot my figure from afar,
And as you near closer
You’ll recognize the quiet, joyful greeting
Of a dear friend.
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

For the first time in Human history, within the last decade or so the Space Age technology of Internet and the ingenuity of the myriad of social media sites have allowed people from across the world to connect, interact, get to know each other on so many levels. People divided by vast distances, individuals who would never know of each other's existence otherwise are reaching out, making friendships, finding love in this cyber world without ever meeting in person. It is an incredible feat, one I hope we do not take for granted in this changing world.

This poem is dedicated to such connections made, friendships formed.

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