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For my restless friend

Close your heavy eyelids
Rest your weary soul
With a gentle kiss upon the brow
I send you in this lonely boat
Across dark waters
To the distant shore
Of the land of dreams.
There you will find
The one with sunflower eyes,
The one that knows
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2013

After I wrote this piece I realized that it could also be interpreted as saying Goodbye to someone who passed away, sending them into the eternal sleep. So now it has this eerie air to it. But it was originally born as a 'Good Night' wish to a friend.

'Sunflower eyes' came from Cory Garcia, a fellow poet on this site, in a conversation (see his poem My Eyes) all credit is to him for the beautiful phrase.

boat dream, eyes, lullaby, rest, sleep, soul,

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