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To Find God

(In Each Other)

Come, sit with me
In the quiet of our greeting.
Unburden your shoulders,
Rest those weary feet.
Ignore blinking lights,
Tune out ringing tones around you.
The world moves at neck breaking speed,
Slow down your heart,
Sit for a spell with me.
I want to know your story,
But we need not confuse
Each other with words.
I can read your beautiful eyes
Clear as day, you know.
As you look into mine,
What do you see?
I wonder...
You are not here for small talk,
I do not offer to solve anyone’s problems.
I have been here for as long as a tree.
You are naked before me,
Grief, confusion, shame, longing...
Gushing, pouring out of every crack,
Every scar of your soul.
No need for worry,
I do not sit here in judgement,
Nor do I hand out cheap fortune teller’s advice.
What will you find here,
In our silent discourse?
Peace, tranquility, acceptance, love,
Revelation, a puzzle?
Whatever it is, is yours.
I am here with you,
In this present and precious moment.
God is not in the midst of those
Who yell Halleluia the loudest,
It is everywhere,
In every fiber of you and me.      
©Olga Gavrilovskiy 2015

The inspiration for this poem came from a piece by a prominent performance artist, Marina Abramovic, called 'The Artist Is Present.' I highly recommend watching the documentary on it, very inspirational and eye opening.

Regarding God as It, a Being without gender is a Sufi tradition. Rumi uses it quite a bit in his writings.

God, love peace,

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