The last goodnight

Inspiration:The disregarded

The rising sun speaks through a vessel and whispers hello...
Full moons will rise and shout goodnight
Leave you in a fury of giggles underlining the fright
People envy the moonlight in your wake...seek something pure with a glass that magnifies
The sun will rise again, the cycle continues, you forget the moonlight
Amber rays glisten on your skin and you radiate gold when you smile
Capture the moment
Lunar lusts for your happiness and every goodnight tastes sweeter
You're so insecure you stumbled, accidently fell in love
But ways in which the world works tends to stop a good thing
The naivety hold you and the moon in chains
Pretty thing weeps in the dark sky but noone bats an eye
It’s the small things you fail to control or you're too oblivious
Unfortunately the moon can’t say goodnight tonight, but the sun will always say hello

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