I don’t know who I borrowed this time from,
But I’d like to give it back.
Because I’ve spent the last few weeks,
Wishing I would have a heart attack.
See I’ve been watching all of you,
And I’ve been looking close at me,
And it’s come to my attention,
That there isn’t much to see.
I was tryin to play the roles,
That everyone else needs from me.
And it’s left me fuckin empty,
I don’t know who I’m supposed to be.
Running scared and fuckin blind,
Lost the forest and the trees.
But it’s all inside my head,
And it’s brought me to my knees.
“Take it back” inside I’m screaming.
This is not how I should be.
“Take it back” inside I’m bleeding.
Is this the life I’m meant to lead?
It’s hard to see through all this fog.
Can barely think stuck in this haze.
The only thought that keeps me going?
“At least this isn’t EVERY day.”

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