To hide your true intentions behind a smile is unbecoming of you.
This dissonance it leaves inside my chest has had me running from you.
These heart strings cannot be played with apathetic fingers.
They’re meant to play a gentle, yet overwhelming melody like opera singers.
Trapped inside this box you have created, I lose my breath.
Too true it is that memories of you gave me comfort, when I was close to death.
Though now the past is jaded, the light in these images has faded.
Telling me nothing when i say I love you, just leaves me nauseated.
Taking a step back, I see the road which I now have to walk alone.
Tinted black by all the things I wanted, the air in this room chills the bone.
There’s nothing left to say, no more life left in that “we”, but know this.
Titles may mean nothing, but this one meant the world to me.


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