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Dagger Darkstar

My name is Dagger AKA Adam Koss. I am 26 years old and a professional author. Although I have been writing poetry and books for over 16 years, I have only recently come into my 'creative prime' and mastered the art. I need my audience to understand that I DO NOT write what people consider to be "normal" material! I am an artist who describes the world around me and the life I live in perfect detail with graphic realism. I have been known to use flagrant vulgarity, sexually explicit language, raw facts, and violent imagery to form most of my writings if I feel it will provide emphasis. In NO way, shape, or form do I promote violence, abuse, pedophilia, rape, racism, crime, or hate but as an author I bring light to these issues in a "worse-case-scenario" form, showing the reality of human's choices and how these issues can have drastic consequences if allowed to play out. I will allow you to decide for yourself, but know that I DO NOT sugar coat anything and only speak on the taboo topics that most people never dare to bring into the light. I use my self-expression and devotion to my art to write what's on my heart and mind and then share it with the world. I believe my form of art is something that ALL teens and young parents need to hear if they can handle the raw reality of this world is such a bold and brash form. We no longer need to have these issues pushed aside and covered up because we are "uncomfortable" discussing them. NO. Someone needs to step up as the voice for a generation that wants to break free from restrictions and step into the realistic freedom that only the truth can provide. The time is now and your leader has heard your cries. So relax because I am listening and willing to acquiesce to your request.