A Quiet Space
Too full, too much, too loud, too busy
Piling on piles, shouting over shouts
Stuffed into spaces, into forgotten interludes
Every moment crammed with throwaway words
Nerves on the edge of smashing into walls
Into swirling masses with paper kites
As brittle strings hold them up at risk
Taking hope to a new island into space beyond
Life is a blasting trumpet to come aboard
Into ancient caves with blackened lanterns
To see the stillness buried in the tombs
A requiem to those who departed in a rage    
Spirits dancing to the delight of pounding storms
And life as it travels at the speed of lightening
No stopping, no thinking, no resting, no breathing
Insanity is just one more step along the way
Ah-h-h, I found it calling for me up ahead
Its soft arms, its soothing smiles, its quiet breath
This new life, this new paradise, this new me
With room to meditate and room to breathe
In quiet spaces that were meant for me

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