As the old looks upon the young
in the same manner when they were young,
under the influence of controlling forces,
those primal urges,
those invading sexual desires,
burdened with the obligation
to drive them away
with a fatherly frame of mind and heart
or giving up the fight
and submitting to the urge,
honoring or dishonoring innocence
in a child of playful spirit as she
grows out of it with adolescent eyes,
showing her womanhood
in an unassuming manner or
not so unassuming,
her new outlook on life
where flirtation takes her to
a new world of humor and charm,
a trusting world of flirtation returned,
where sexual desires are only smiles
like the taming of the wolves,
an impassive passion or an unnatural nature,
a fairy tale materializing in the real world.
Dear child, cover yourself up,
your globes of nature’s milk,
your palatable gams,
your open thighs,
your pathway to the
playground of the wolves.
Be careful, be safe, and be a lady.

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Robert L. Martin
5 months

I got reject by the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. But at least I went away peacefully

Nelson D Reyes
5 months

“...pathway to the playground of the wolves...”.
Ah my youth...I’ve been to that pathway many times over and I’ve never lost my way. Always crossed the Rubicon. And the rewards were sweet!

Like. Thanks Robert.

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Nelson D Reyes

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