As the supply truck pulled away from the village, it was the police force that took all the food that was meant for everyone to share equally.  Dissention mounted as the villagers were denied their portion.  A God fearing policeman from the force was pleading with the captain, trying to get him to share the food for fear of retaliation.  The villagers all had guns and were angered by what took place that day.  The man’s nervous speech became animated as he tried to reason with the captain.
“Mother Earth, an instrument of God’s giving, yields her offerings to be divided equally among us.  Saintly justice, our own silent guardian, witnesses the desire to take more than our own share, even after our needs are met.  The more we want to covet, the more unsettled our souls become.  We can never find peace within us through our gluttony.
Dissention mounts when one is denied through another’s greed.  Living in the shadows of fear can never replace the joy of justice, that divine peacemaker in the soul that smiles upon us and applauds us for our abstinence.  Justice is what we are supposed to uphold as peace officers, not to take advantage of. The only justice that will come of that will be retaliation.  
Please Sir, listen to me and search your soul to rethink what you did today.   Give back the food that was meant for the villagers before it is too late.”
The captain denied his request, and the man was banished from the force for his insubordination.  The only justice that was upheld from that came from the villagers when they assassinated the captain in retaliation.
Greed under its own peaceful guidance, lives by its own chastisement, but greed enforced by its own belligerence, disrupts the morality of the spirit; therefore, causing dissention.

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